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Icelander won bake off

30.11.2021 - 13:41
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Agnete Schlichtkrull - DR
Icelander Sæþór Kristinsson has been crowned the winner of Den Store Bagedyst, Denmark’s most popular baking show.

The final aired on DR at the weekend and showed the three finalists baking off against one another, after collectively sending seven other contestants home, one by one, over several gruelling weeks of competition. 

On the DR website, Sæþór says he could not believe his ears when he was named the winner, saying he even thought he was being tricked for a few seconds. 

Malt og Appelsín (plus a volcano)

Sæþór’s closing piece was made up of three tarts inspired by Iceland, Icelandic traditions, and the colours of the Icelandic flag and the things they represent: fire, ice, and water. 

In the end, the judges were impressed enough to use the word “perfection” when discussing the final project. They adored the inclusion of Malt & Appelsín (the uniquely-Icelandic festive drink) in the mix, and his glowing red lava cake also gained praise. 

Encouraged by his mother 

Sæþór says his love of baking comes directly from his mother and that she encouraged him to apply for Den Store Bagedyst. Unfortunately, she did not get to share in her son’s victory, as she passed away earlier this year. 

For more information (in Danish) on Sæþór and the great Danish baking show, click here

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