Dane sentenced to life for Icelander murder

24.11.2021 - 12:57
Freyja Egilsdóttir Mogensen
 Mynd: Aðsend - Ljósmynd
Flemming Mogensen, a Danish man aged 51, was this morning sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of Freyja Egilsdóttir Mogensen (pictured) at her home this January. “There is clearly something wrong with me when I have killed those I love,” Flemming told the court today. It is the second time he has been convicted for killing a woman with whom he has a child.

TV2 in East Jutland reports that Freyja’s family and Flemming’s son from a previous relationship were present in court. The son reportedly shook his head repeatedly as his father gave testimony. According to the Danish television channel, Flemming has not yet decided whether to appeal the verdict.

Flemming was found guilty of killing Freyja by strangulation, before dismembering her body and hiding it in pieces around her home and garden. He and Freyja entered into a relationship eight years ago but had since separated. She leaves behind her two young children. 

Flemming spoke in court this morning, describing the killing in some detail. He killed Freyja in her bedroom, dismembered her body in the bathroom, and made sure all obvious evidence was cleaned up before the children got home. 

That night, he buried parts of her body around her garden and put other parts in the attic. 

He said he had become angry when Freyja removed his name from the letterbox outside their home. He told the court he had imagined they would get back together, and admitted jealousy was a factor in the murder. 

He said he did not get professional help for his mental illness after killing the mother of his child some 25 years ago. He has always been afraid of himself, he said, even though others around him were not. And now he has killed again, he told the court he is “petrified of himself”. 

According to psychiatric analysis, Flemming is of sound mind and was not in a state of mania at the time of the killing. Psychiatrists agreed, though, that he poses a lethal risk to any woman he might form strong connections to in the future. 

Assessors said Flemming had been worried about killing Freyja and that he had hoped in the end she would return to him. When she removed his name from the letterbox, went on holiday without him, and revealed that she had met another man, he tried to regain the upper hand and took revenge. 

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