Tough competition expected for green city application

23.11.2021 - 15:08
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Kristján Ingvarsson - RÚV
The mayor of Reykjavík says hard work lies ahead if the city hopes to succeed in its application to be one of the 100 carbon neutral smart cities planned for Europe by 2030. Participation in the scheme is hotly contested, as it will open new EU funding opportunities for the hundred cities.

Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson says inclusion in the scheme, reported on last week, is an attractive prospect that would speed up Reykjavík’s transition to a green future: “If we make it into this group that the EU will probably select next year or the one after, then we will gain access to finance, and also collaboration with those cities on the same path as us.” 

Dagur says there will be stiff competition: “We for sure need to put everything we can into it, as I expect there will be a lot of interest and tough competition.” 

He believes there are several factors that will strengthen Reykjavík’s application; including plans for the Borgarlína mass transit system, and plans to move parts of Miklabraut and Sæbraut underground. The mayor says further, better separation of waste, and efforts to bring the private sector into projects to boost the so-called circular economy, will also help. The energy shift will also be a key component to push, and the mayor says there is a lot of work ahead. 

“There are the big research and innovation funds of the European Union that can then come into the financing of this project directly, but we also see all sorts of cooperative projects in which we would either be applying for funding, knowledge, or some sort of solutions that could be useful to us,” Dagur says. 

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