Lots of traffic, lots of accidents

14.10.2021 - 14:02
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Shutterstock
Ten people were injured in ten road traffic accidents in the capital region last week. A statement from the police notes this is more than usual. The capital region is likely to see nine percent more traffic this year than last, it is predicted.

The accidents last week included several car accidents, two eScooter accidents, at least two involving bicycles, and one motocross bike accident at Heiðmörk. 

Last Friday, a car hit five parked cars on Álfhólsvegur. The driver is believed to have suddenly fallen ill and was taken to hospital. 

Capital region police received 50 notifications of road traffic accidents last week, including the ten that caused injury. A statement reminds people to travel carefully and to respect traffic laws. 

There was more traffic recorded this September than any previous September, and six percent more than last September. In fact there was more traffic in September than any month at all; apart from May 2019. “The forecast is that traffic this year in the region will increase by nine percent, which is very significant, though not enough for traffic to be more than it was in 2019,” a summary from Vegagerðin (the road and coastal agency) says. 

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