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Fire probably smouldered for a long time

14.10.2021 - 12:36
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Þór Ægisson - RÚV
Initial investigation indicates fire could have been building for a long time before the fire brigade was called out to Hafnarfjörður last night, according to the capital region fire chief. A woman in her sixties died in the fire that occurred in a building containing three apartments.

The fire brigade was called out just before 02.00 but chief Rúnar Helgason says there was a great deal of smoke when fire fighters arrived, but not a lot of flame. “It was very localised and actually a very small fire; a certain indication that it had been smouldering there for some time.”

So the call probably came a little late? 

“Yes, there are indications of that,” Rúnar said. 

Smoke divers were sent in and were fast to extinguish the fire and remove the woman, but she was declared dead at the scene. Other residents of the house were given counselling and accommodation by the Red Cross. The police are investigating the cause of the fire, and Rúnar says the housing and infrastructure agency will also investigate the scene. 

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