“Amazing to be able to travel again”

14.10.2021 - 11:26
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV/Grímur Jón Sigurðsson
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark visited the Hellisheiði geothermal power station, a Danish Naval patrol ship, and other locations on his second day in Iceland yesterday. He says Iceland and Denmark can learn a lot from one another in the field of green energy, even though the countries are blessed with very different natural resources.

Frederik started his day at the Gróska house of ideas in Vatnsmýri, close to Reykjavík airport, where he gave a speech looking both to the future and the past: “The Vikings, they invented new technologies for sailing and navigation that the world had never seen before, and it took them quite far. They hardly knew about modern concepts, obviously, such as sustainability and biodiversity, but it’s incredible that we still relate to them and we are still inspired by these ancestors.” 

From Reykjavík, the prince and his party moved to the geothermal power station and innovation park at Hellisheiði, where he, the Danish and Icelandic foreign ministers, and the Danish trade delegation carried on their discussion of green energy transitions. 

"I am finding this visit very exciting and it is amazing to be travelling again and meeting other people, face to face, shake hands, and of course we come to learn from one another, Prince Frederik told RÚV. 

It is the prince’s first official visit outside Denmark since the pandemic. 

“We have different energy sources. We use wind energy a lot and in Iceland there are good wind resources, but windmills have not been set up here. But Icelanders of course have geothermal energy and energy harvesting is exemplary precisely here [at Hellisheiði],” he said. 

The Danish patrol ship HDMS Triton was the next stop, where the party learnt about the ship’s mission. Triton promotes Danish interests in the Arctic—especially in Greenlandic waters. 

Asked if he feels more positive for the future after the day’s visits, Prince Frederik said: “I am positive when it comes to innovative solutions and the possibilities we are always trying to discover. These new solutions. There is still much we have to see. Things that are waiting to be discovered by ingenious Icelanders and Danes, that we can then develop into solutions for our children and grandchildren.” 

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