10,000 earthquakes

11.10.2021 - 14:24
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Freyr Arnarson - RÚV
18 earthquakes over magnitude 3 have been recorded during the ongoing swarm so far, including a M3.2 yesterday evening near to Keilir. Overall, since the 27th September, over 10,000 earthquakes have been registered in the area.

According to Met Office natural hazards specialist Einar Bessi Gestsson, the earthquake swarm continues and is fluctuating now more than at the beginning. 

There were 500 quakes around Keilir yesterday, including the M3.2 after 21.00. It was the biggest single quake for around a week and was felt by many in the capital region—especially in Hafnarfjörður. 

Einar Bessi refuses to speculate whether the earthquake swarm around Keilir will continue, but notes that its rhythm is fluctuating more now than two weeks ago, and its intensity seems lower. 

The seismic activity nearer the beginning of the swarm was similar to the earthquake swarm that preceded the start of the eruption in Geldingadalir this March. That volcano’s idle period continues, though the eruption has not been declared over, and the new earthquake swarm is further north, around Keilir hill. As a result, the quakes are being felt less in Grindavík (which bore the brunt of the quakes this February and March), and more in Vogar and Hafnarfjörður. 

Einar Bessi says the latest data on uprise does not show the land rising in the area, which means a new eruption is not expected imminently (if at all). It is nevertheless impossible to declare that magma is not collecting in the area, if it is at sufficient depth to not cause the land to rise. 

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