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Volcano closed to visitors today

15.09.2021 - 11:56
Mynd: Gunnar S Einarsson / Gunnar S Einarsson
The Fagradalsfjall volcano has been closed to visitors today because of the elevated lava flow rate. The closure is made for safety reasons, a statement from Suðurnes police says.

Stakeholders like police, search & rescue, and scientists need space to assess the new situation at the volcano. As can be seen in the video above, molten lava is now flowing over a wide area in Geldingadalir and beyond.

Lava is flowing into Nátthagi again, where there has been little or no lava flow for some weeks. Nátthagi has become a popular walking route where people can see cooled lava that flowed this spring and early summer. The area has now become dangerous again.

Suðurnes police chief Gunnar Schram says search & rescue teams have been called out to escort visitors away, alongside rangers and police officers. Gunnar says the closure is a temporary measure, until the situation becomes clear and people's safety can be assured.

In the meantime, watch live online here.

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