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Health services are biggest election issue

15.09.2021 - 13:47
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Pexels
Healthcare is the biggest election issue by some margin, according to a new poll. 67.8 percent of respondents named healthcare as the single biggest issue for the upcoming Alþingi election on 25th September.

The poll was conducted by Maskína between 31st August and 6th September.

The second-most-pressing issue, named by 43.1 percent of respondents, is the environment and climate change. The third-biggest-issue is the economy and tax, which 33.8 percent mentioned. 

Four other issues were important to more than ten percent of respondents: welfare services were mentioned by 28.6 percent, education by 12.5 percent, and 12.2 percent named natual resources and fishing quotas as a major election issue. Finally, 11,1 percent named transport and regional development. 

After a year and a half of a pandemic, it is no surprise that healthcare is of top concern in the run up to the election.  

The employment market, on the other hand, seems to be sorting itself out after the crisis caused by the pandemic and only 8.7 percent of respondents named workplace matters as among their biggest election priorities. 

The issue of “immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees” also does not seem to be a major issue, as it was only prioritised by 3.5 percent of poll respondents. Fears of corruption are lower now than before and only 2.9 percent of respondents prioritised “uprooting corruption”. 

If split by gender, men were more likely to prioritise economic and tax affairs, and natural resources and fishing quotas, while women were more likely to prioritise healthcare, the environment and climate, welfare, and education. 

It was also apparent that the environment and climate are bigger issues for people with higher education, while welfare is proportionately more important to respondents with less formal education. 

The poll was completed online by a panel of 2,078 people randomly selected from the national registry. Respondents are all over Iceland and of a wide age range, 18 and over. 

About the election    

All Icelandic citizens (ríkisborgarar) aged over 18 are eligible to vote.      

The Multicultural and Information Centre has created a comprehensive election website in English, which can be seen here.     

With less than two weeks to go until the 25th September election, RÚV English is covering politics almost every day under the “Election 2021” tag. There will be an election special of The Week in Iceland on 20th September, and live election night coverage.    

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