Young struggle to position themselves politically

14.09.2021 - 14:29
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Brodie Vissers -
Climate, the environment, and housing are top of the agenda among young voters ahead of the 25th September Alþingi election, according to Isabel Alejandra Diaz, president of the University of Icleand student council, and Maggi Snorrason, deputy president of the Icelandic further education students’ association.

Young people care about politics 

The election campaign is well underway, with debates and discussions on radio and television, columns in newspapers, and parties very active on social media. But which issues are closest to young voters ahead of the election? Isabel and Maggi say young people are interested in politics, even though the parties could do more to attract their interest. Young people use different ways to get their messages across than older generations. 

Enough to choose from 

Maggi says people around the age of 20 are often finding it difficult to position themselves on the political landscape. There is no shortage of parties and candidates and the young, like older generations, enjoy taking quizzes and polls online, such as Kosningavitinn, to help them decide. The old choice between right and left is more complex than it once was, and does not even apply to several of the major topics of the day. 

Isabel says young people have been forgotten somewhat in the pandemic and that they have taken matters into their own hands in drawing attention to what matters to them, such as young environmentalists’ climate strikes, to name one example. 

About the election    

All Icelandic citizens (ríkisborgarar) aged over 18 are eligible to vote.      

The Multicultural and Information Centre has created a comprehensive election website in English, which can be seen here.     

With less than two weeks to go until the 25th September election, RÚV English is covering politics almost every day under the “Election 2021” tag. There will be an election special of The Week in Iceland on 20th September, and live election night coverage.    

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