Five Icelandic tourists crushed by falling palm tree

14.09.2021 - 11:22
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
Five Icelandic women were injured this Sunday on the Spanish island of Tenerife when the crown of a palm tree fell on them as they were dining. Two of the women are in intensive care.

Sveinn H. Guðmarsson, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press secretary, confirmed with RÚV that Iceland’s honorary consul in the Canary Islands is working on the unusual accident. 

The accident occurred in the town of San Miguel de Abona on Sunday and the husband of one of the women confirmed in interview with Vísir that five friends—all women in their forties—were eating at a table outside a restaurant when the top of a palm tree fell on them without warning. A group of other Icelanders who were passing by managed to lift the crown of the tree off the women. While they lay injured on the ground, however, an opportunistic thief stole three of their mobile phones. 

Two of the women are seriously injured and their family members are en-route to Tenerife to be at their side in hospital. The other three women are less seriously injured and are expected back in Iceland tomorrow. 

The above picture is a library photograph showing palm trees in Tenerife. The picture does not show the scene of the accident.

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