Yacht last seen a month ago, search underway

07.09.2021 - 16:15
TF-GRÓ, þyrla Landhelgisgæslunnar, kemur inn til lendingar á Reykjavíkurflugvelli í sumarveðri 10. júlí 2021
 Mynd: Ingólfur Bjarni Sigfússon - RÚV
An international search & rescue operation has been ongoing for several days, trying to locate a Dutch yacht which set sail from Vestmannaeyjar to southern Greenland, it is believed, on the 8th August.

One man is on board the boat and has not been heard from since setting off from the South Iceland archipelago nearly a month ago. 

According to a statement from the Icelandic coastguard, the yacht, called Laurel, has only limited communications equipment and no tracking equipment. It has therefore proven impossible so far for Icelandic and Danish authorities to contact the man on board. 

The coastguard has sent helicopters and the patrol ship Þór to look for the boat over the course of several days, without success. Danish military planes and boats have also looked for Laurel to the south and east of Greenland without seeing any evidence of it. 

Seafarers are asked to let the coastguard know if they notice the yacht or any evidence of it. 

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