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Gunman was not at own home

27.08.2021 - 13:15
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
The armed man who was shot and arrested by police in Egilsstaðir last night does not live on the street where the shooting incident occurred, it has been confirmed. He had gone to the home of another man, but nobody was home. There is bullet damage to the walls and windows of several homes on the street. One resident says he did not realise what was happening until he saw bullet holes in his windows.

Police were called between 22.00 and 23.00 last night, after residents of the street reported hearing gunshots. According to police sources, the gunman was inside a house when officers arrived and shots were fired inside the building, and also in the direction of police. He refused to cooperate and the incident ended with him being shot and injured.

Þröstur Jónsson, a resident of Dalsel, a residential street in Egilsstaðir, witnessed the events and says he first noticed a clicking sound outside and then saw a man on the street. Þröstur says he went outside intending to speak with the man, “I now realise he was loading the rifle when I went out. I was lucky to go outside at that moment. Then I came a while later into the house and saw that the windows were all shot through. That’s when I first realised what was going on.” 

Þröstur praised the speed and professionalism of the police response and says residents were told to stay indoors. He says the damage to his house leads him to believe the man was armed with at least two guns. Other reports from people who heard the shots also indicates they came from more than one gun. 

The man was taken for medical care and later air lifted to hospital in Reykjavík. Nobody else was injured. 

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