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Important to arrive early and know destinations rules

23.07.2021 - 11:26
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Freyr Arnarson - RÚV
Assistant Chief Commissioner at Keflavik Airport encourages passengers to arrive early and be aware of the COVID rules at their destination. It is important to have the appropriate documents on hand before the travels start.

In a conversation with RÁS 2 morning radio, Arngrímur Guðmundsson, Assistant Chief Commissioner said that two times over the course of a day there are around two to three thousand passengers arriving to the terminal inside a two-hour window.

“We have to see all these passengers and check to see if they are “fit to fly” to their destination.”

Arngrímur says that the airport staff is under a heavy workload and encourages outgoing passengers to arrive an extra hour earlier to help ease the pressure.

“What is currently happening here is that the majority of passengers is arriving to the departure terminal around six o’clock, which is more the traditional time for people to be there but I ask people to show up at five.”

He says that is it important to know the COVID rules issued by the country one intends to travel to. Arngrímur says that those rules are subject to change on little notice.

“It is a frequent event here at the airport to have shown up in the morning without the necessary documents, PCR-test or rapid test. Therefore, they don’t get to travel. What makes the check-in process more complicated is the difference in COVID rules depending on the destination.”

Arngrímur says that the same applies to arriving passengers. “Many planes are landing at the same time so long queues cannot be avoided.”

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