Ásatrú grew while Zúistar and National Church shrank

19.07.2021 - 10:52
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The latest data on religious and life-stance organisations, published last week by Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland), shows that membership of the National Church of Iceland continues to shrink.

The National Church is still by far the biggest religious organisation in Iceland, with 229,642 registered members as of 1st July. That number was 75 fewer than on 1st December last year, and followed the loss of 1,437 members between 1st December 2019 an3 the same date in 2020.

The second-biggest religious organisation was the Catholic church, with 14,699 members; followed by Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík, with 10,009.

Ásatrú grew

The Þjóðskrá data show that between 1st December 2020 and 1st July 2021, the Ásatrú Pagan religion grew the most, by 215 members. Siðmennt, the humanist association, grew by 192 people.

The biggest drop was suffered by the Zúistar organisation, which lost 165 members.

A total of 28,655 people have chosen not to be registered with any religious or life-stance organisation, amounting to 7.7 percent of residents. A further 15.3 percent, or 56,755 people, have not specified their choice.

Religious and life-stance groups in Iceland are supported with taxpayer money and the amount is proportionate to the number of members each has. Residents can register with their preferred group or organisation through the Þjóðskrá website.

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