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First PLAY plane has arrived in Iceland

16.06.2021 - 10:22
Mynd: Haukur Holm / RÚV
The first aeroplane operated by the new airline PLAY landed to pomp and ceremony at Keflavík International Airport for the first time yesterday, following a couple of low loops over Reykjavík city centre. Its first scheduled passenger flight will be next week.

The plane is an Airbus A321neo and arrived in Iceland from Texas in the USA, following recarpeting, renovation, and the addition of a distinctive bright red livery. 

The plane received a water salute from the airport fire brigade, as is traditional for significant aviation events. The whole thing was watched by excited PLAY staff: “It looks great, this first plane. This is a fantastic day in the history of this company. The first plane has arrived in the country. The first of three,” said Snorri Birgisson, head of the airline’s safety department. 

The next plan arrives at the very end of this month, and the third in July. Yesterday’s event was coincidentally exactly one month since PLAY received its flight operator’s certificate. 

Snorri says there are still finishing touches to prepare, but that the plane is as-good-as-ready and that ticket sales are going well. Crew training also went very well, he adds. 

“Training has gone better than we could have hoped for. Experienced people who applied for jobs with us are going to be working on these planes. Courses for the first group ended last week and we are very excited to get them all working.” 

The video above is in Icelandic but shows the plane and its feted arrival in Iceland. 

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