Lava fountains return

11.06.2021 - 09:49
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Skjáskot
Lava fountains are being seen again at the Fagradalsfjall eruption site after stopping almost completely for a day.

According to the Icelandic Met Office, the lava production rate is, and has remained, steady and constant -- but it is alternating between running out at ground level, or being thrown up into the air like a geyser.

The eruption started on 19th March and started producing regular lava fountains on 2nd May. They died down several times for an hour or two, but were mostly reliable, until around 04.00 Thursday morning, when they stopped for roughly a whole day. It was thought changes within the crater could mean the stop was permanent. That was not the case, and the impressive lava fountains have now returned.

The eruption was noticably more powerful leading up to 03.00 this morning, and then again several hours later.

Scientists have yet to interpret the latest data and guess what, if anything, has changed overall.

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