New lottery billionaire in Iceland

10.06.2021 - 12:11
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Víkingalottó
The second prize in the Víkinglottó last night went to someone in Iceland, and due to new rule changes it was by far the biggest lottery win in Iceland ever—despite only being second prize. The lucky Icelander netted more than 1.27 billion krónur; five times more than the previous Icelandic record.

The prize was much higher than normal due to brand new systemic changes in the lottery that went into effect this week to boost the chances of big prizes.

Second prize in Víkinglottó has usually been several tens of millions of krónur. This week’s second prize would have been around 70 million krónur under the old rules—but was instead 1,270,806,970 krónur. A noticeable difference by anybody’s standards. 

Under the new rules, the jackpot is now limited to 3.6 billion krónur, regardless of how many weeks it rolls over. Extra prize funds are therefore moved over to the second prize. The identity of the winner is known, the Icelandic lotteries operator confirms, and they will be contacted by telephone today. 

Spokesman Pétur Hrafn Sigurðsson says: “Everyone at the office is very happy when big prizes come to Iceland, but this dwarfs them all. You never know: maybe there will be a cake for the team tomorrow to commemorate this prize coming here!” 

The new króna billionaire bought their ticket on and the operator hopes to be able to release some further details soon. 

Iceland’s lotteries operator runs its own national lottery, drawn on Saturdays, and coordinates Iceland’s participation in Víkinglottó on Wednesdays (alongside the other four Nordic countries, the three Baltic countries, and Belgium and Slovenia), and also Eurojackpot on Fridays (alongside 17 other European countries). Víkinglottó was the first cross-border lottery in Europe and has been running in the Nordic region since 1993. 

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