All ages drawn in vaccination lottery

04.06.2021 - 10:57
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Hólmfríður Dagný Friðjónsd - RÚV
The capital region healthcare provider, Heilsugæslan, has this morning randomly drawn all remaining year groups to set up a timetable for COVID-19 vaccination over the coming three weeks. The outcome of the draw is below.

Each group contains roughly 1,000 people, as year groups are split by gender, and roughly a third in each have already been vaccinated due to underlying health issues or other reasons.

The first group that will be invited next week is men born in 1979. The last group at the end of June will be women born in 1985. The youngest age group, born in 2005, were not drawn and are all automatically in week three so that more time can be spent preparing for them. 

People who cannot make the appointment offered via SMS need not worry. Once a barcode has been issued, it remains valid and can be used the next time the offered vaccine is being used. In other words, someone offered a Moderna vaccine (for example) cannot go the following day and receive a Pfizer vaccine. They must wait until the next Moderna day. The Heilsugæslan website shows which vaccines are being used on which days. 

People without a registered gender in the system are assigned to one group or the other. Gender is being used primarily as a way to split groups up into manageable sizes, and not for medical purposes. The computer system tags people only eligible for MRNA vaccines based on a number of different factors, not only gender. 

The three-week calendar below is not set in stone and could move faster or slower depending on how much vaccine is available. The below applies to the capital region only, but all other regions are also running a similar system. 

Next week (7-11 June):
1979 men
1984 women
1993 men
1978 women
1992 men
1998 women
1983 men
1986 women
1984 men
2000 women
2003 men
1981 women
1977 men
1980 women
1997 men
2004 women
1985 men
1988 women 

Week two (14-18 June): 
1976 men
1977 women
2000 men
2001 women
1988 men
2002 women
1986 men
1993 women
1994 men
1976 women
2002 men
1979 women
1981 men
1997 women
2001 men
2003 women
1996 men
1992 women 

Week three (21-25 June): 
1982 men
1989 women
1991 men
1987 women
1989 men
1994 women
1980 men
1990 women
1998 men
1995 women
2004 men
1999 women
1995 men
1991 women
1990 men
1985 women
2005 men and women 

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