Travel gift will be 5000 krónur again

04.05.2021 - 12:33
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 Mynd: RÚV
The successful ‘travel gift’ scheme from last year will be repeated this year, and the amount will once again be 5,000 krónur for every adult living in Iceland. Last year’s gifts remain valid until 31st May, after which time they will expire.

The Ferðagjöf (or Travel Gift) is a small financial incentive for people to travel domestically within Iceland and support the tourism and leisure industry during a second tough year. 

“Companies in the tourism sector make up the majority of those that have used government financial support in the past year, as the sector has been hit harder than others,” the government website explains. 

Since being released in June 2020, until April 2021, around 200,000 people had accessed and used their travel gifts. The remaining 80,000 people have less than four weeks to use theirs, or lose them.  

812 companies are registered to receive the travel gift—some of which have offered special deals or discounts. 

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