Two days to clear snow from East Fjords road

30.04.2021 - 10:29
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Vegagerðin/Hafþór Ægisson
Route 953 to Mjóifjörður, and the tiny village of Brekkuþorp, in the East Fjords has now been opened for the summer. Residents can now get to the rest of the country by land rather than sea for the first time since December.

It took Vegagerðin (the national road and coastal administration) two days to clear the mountain road and snow drifts were two-and-a-half metres tall in places. This was nevertheless significantly less than last year, when it took four days to plough the route. 

“The route is clear for four-wheel-drive vehicles to start with, but the sun is quick to eat up the ice that’s lying on the road surface,” writes Ari B. Guðmundsson, Vegagerðin head supervisor on the Administration’s website. 

Ten people live in Brekkuþorp during the winter when the road is impassable. The postal ship Björgvin sails to and from Neskaupstaður twice a week.

Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Vegagerðin/Ari B Guðmundsson
Alexander Elliott
Project manager