Reykjavík to vote on rhinos and bouncy pillows

30.04.2021 - 15:42
Mynd með færslu
Giant inflatable pillows, a rhinoceros playground, and a playground for “definitely grown-up people” are among the ideas that Reykjavík residents will be able to vote on this autumn as part of the 'Hverfið mitt' initiative. Residents in seven neighbourhoods have made suggestions that will be put to a vote. Project manager Eiríkur Búi Halldórsson says the process has gone well and is even more democratic now than in past years.

“A new thing is that local residents can take part in choosing which ideas will be voted on. That part of the project was previously in the hands of neighbourhood councils but now we have opened the meetings and while they are under the neighbourhood councils, all residents who want to can take part in choosing the ideas that will be on the ballot this autumn,” he told RÚV.

Over 1,320 ideas were sent in overall for improvements to different districts of the city. The city council narrowed the choices down before asking neighbourhood councils to set up the ballots. They are already finished for Grafarvogur, Kjalarnes, Vesturbær, Grafarholt & Úlfarsárdalur, the city centre, Breiðholt, and Laugardalur. Árbær will submit the eighth ballot tonight and then there are only two left: Háaleiti & Bústaðir, and Hlíðar.  

“It is clear that residents have all sorts of fun ideas for how it would be possible to make city neighbourhoods even better. Among the ideas are new footpaths, exciting play areas or small parks across the city. There is also a lot of interest in outdoor exercise equipment in specific locations, bouncy pillows as have already come out, fun history and information signs in various neighbourhoods, and also cycle paths. There’s a really enjoyable crop of diverse ideas,” Eiríkur says. 

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