Westfjords imported new dentist

08.04.2021 - 13:23
British dentist Christian Lee this year moved to Ísafjörður following an international recruitment drive by the Westfjords healthcare agency. He is now one of two dentists working in the region.

Christian says there are both professional and personal reasons for his move to Iceland: “It’s a good time in my life to move abroad; I don’t have any dependents in the UK. I’ve always wanted to work abroad, get an international perspective on dentistry.”

Westfjords needed a new dentist 

The oral health dilemma arose when one of two dentists in Ísafjörður reached retirement age and no other suitable dentists in Iceland applied to replace him. The Westfjords health agency therefore decided to make a promotional video and advertise the position (and life in Ísafjörður) to dentists around the world. Christian saw the video and decided to apply. 

“It was a long process. It was a very long process,” Christian says. “I think it was June when I applied, and then it was January when I finally came over. It wasn't straightforward. But worth it!” 

Scary flight 

“So far, it’s a lot more relaxed working here,” he says when asked how dentistry in Iceland differs to the UK. “I get to spend a lot longer with patients here, which is really, really nice, and really important.” 

Anything that came as a surprise?  

“Nothing specifically. I was well-briefed on what I was expecting. I think the only shock was probably the plane ride on the way in [to Ísafjörður airport], which was a bit of a shock. A bit scary. But that’s my only complaint so far!” 

The video above is partly in Icelandic but mostly in English. 

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