11 COVID cases, many related to possible re-infection

07.04.2021 - 12:11
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Landspítalinn
11 people tested positive for COVID-19 in domestic testing yesterday, including six who were not already in quarantine. Most of those six people are connected to one another, however. It was the highest number of new daily cases seen in three weeks.

Five of the six unquarantined cases are in South Iceland and it is believed they relate to a person who arrived in Iceland with a certificate of antibodies after recovering from the coronavirus. That person may then have contracted it for a second time.

Two infections were detected in border testing, though both are still waiting for antibody test results. 

The 14-day infection rate per 100,000 people stands at 22.6 and has been climbing for several days. 132 people are in isolation with active infection, and 127 are in quarantine. 39 children are in isolation, but the most infections are among 30-39-year-olds. 

The compulsory use of quarantine hotels for people arriving from high-risk countries was declared illegal on Monday and the appeals court is set to rule on the case later today. In the meantime, 74 arriving passengers chose hotel quarantine yesterday anyway, and 167 are currently at the Reykjavík hotel. 

In other news, the Icelandic authorities’ negotiations to buy the Russian Sputnik V vaccine are at a very early stage but will continue, it has been confirmed. The vaccine would need a marketing licence in Europe before Iceland would use it, and the country is considering working with neighbouring countries to secure what would become the fifth vaccine on offer. 

The European Medicines Agency is already conducting trials that could lead to a marketing licence for Sputnik V, but the European Union has not contracted to buy the vaccine. This means Iceland and other EU/EEA members are free to buy it unilaterally without jeopardising their participation in the pan-European vaccination programme. 

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