Goodbye to favourite cereals

31.03.2021 - 15:45
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Nathan and Olsen
Breakfast cereals Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms are set to disappear from the shelves of Icelandic supermarkets due to a change of recipe by their American manufacturers, adding colourings not allowed under European regulation. Iceland is part of the European Economic Area.

General Mills has notified Nathan & Olsen, the Icelandic importer, about the change. 

"This is of course very sad for us and the Icelandic consumer,” Nathan & Olsen CEO Lísa Björk Óskarsdóttir said in a statement today. 

“Both Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms have been a firm feature in Icelandic homes for decades and been very popular with people of all ages. These products, along with various others from the USA, are in demand in Iceland, where European regulations have been introduced that can prove an obstacle when it comes to offering consumers a wide-ranging selection of American goods,” she continued. 

General Mills is working to develop different production solutions to cater to the European market, which adhere to European food safety rules. It is hoped both cereals will be back soon.

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager