Music experiment indicates hens like the Beatles

22.02.2021 - 14:23
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Karl Sigtryggsson - RÚV/Landinn
Two teenage friends, working with their natural sciences teacher, decided to conduct an experiment on chickens. They counted the number of eggs laid in two days under normal circumstances, and then repeated the count after two days playing the hens Mozart, and again after two days of the Beatles. The results were striking, they say.

Borka Réz and Þórhildur Helga Pálsdóttir are students at Hlíðarskóli in Reykjavík: “We just needed some hens, and music, and a speaker. We just put the speaker into the chicken coop and played music. We had it so that there was no music for two days,” they explain. 

But then came the interesting part: “Then we played Mozart for two days and the Beatles for two days," Borka and Þórhildur say. "There was a huge difference. In the first two days when there was no music, there were just five eggs. Then, when Mozart was on, there were more. Wasn’t it four more? Yes, four eggs. And then when the Beatles were on, there were lots more. A total of 13 eggs in two days.”

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager