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Alert phase in Flateyri– Risk of avalanches

23.01.2021 - 16:43
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 Mynd: Aðsend mynd - Ísafjarðarbær - RÚV
Alert phase has been announced in Flateyri, due to the risk of avalanches. Four homes and one commercial building in Flateyri will be evacuated and the evacuation will take effect before the evening. Much has snowed in Flateyri in the last 24 hours and snowdrift is in the mountains on the north-east side. The houses in question stand next to the levee.

Several avalanches fell in Skutulsfjörður yesterday and last night. A considerably large avalanche fell from Selabólsurð across Flateyrarvegur this morning. An avalanche also fell in Hádegisfjall in Syðridalur, beyond Bolungarvík, probably in the afternoon today.

Snowfall has been ongoing with intervals since Saturday, one week ago and a considerable amount of snow has piled up in the last 36 hours on the north-east side. There has not been a major storm but the risk of avalanches has been building up, due to the prolonged piling up of snow and snowdrift for several days in the same wind direction. The forecast is for similar weather into Sunday and then a slower north-east wind direction, with snowfall, into Monday.


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