Second hospital COVID case in two days

14.01.2021 - 11:10
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Eggert Þór Jónsson - RÚV
A COVID-19 infection was last night diagnosed on a cancer and blood diseases ward at Landspítali national university hospital. The in-patient was assigned to ward 11EG yesterday afternoon and the positive COVID result came at around 21.00. The patient was moved to contagious diseases ward A7 and into isolation.

No new in-patients are being accepted to the cancer ward at this time, though it remains fully operative.

Around 30 patients and 30 staff were tested for the coronavirus this morning and the first results are expected around lunchtime. All are in quarantine or ‘work quarantine B’ until results come through. The ward is also being carefully sanitised. 

It is not known how the patient became infected, but it is likely they came into the hospital with the infection. Contact tracing is ongoing. 

Már Kristjánsson, senior physician for infectious diseases, says this latest infection uncovered at Landspítali is not an indictment of the hospital’s practices. 

“There always has to be a clinical assessment,” Már says. People are not routinely tested for COVID-19 when entering hospital as in-patients, unless there are any symptoms or any indications they may have come into contact with the virus in their close environment. 

The incident occurred the day after a similar scare on the cardiac ward at Landspítali, but Már says the circumstances around the two cases are different enough to not be able to compare them directly. They are not an indictment on the hospital’s practices and are instead a symptom of the changing situation and greater staff alertness. 

A statement from the hospital says that there is unlikely to have been any infection within the hospital due to the short period of time the patient was on the cancer and blood diseases ward yesterday. 

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