Special forces attend incident at Reykjavík school

13.01.2021 - 14:15
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Höskuldur Kári Schram - RÚV
The State police special unit was called out to assist capital region police after an incident was reported at Borgarholtsskóli school. According to reports, weapons, including a baseball bat, were used and some injuries have occurred—though none serious.

Jóhann K. Jóhannsson, police communications officer, has confirmed with RÚV that special forces are assisting the capital region police with the incident. 

Assistant police chief Elín Agnes Kristínarsóttir says she cannot comment at this stage other than to confirm that there has been a significant police presence at the school and that some injuries have occurred. Other sources have told RÚV those injuries are not serious, however. 

Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson, chief of police, says the investigation is just beginning and that there were a lot of witnesses and therefore a lot of statements and enquiries that need to be followed up on. 

He could not confirm whether weapons were used but said there has been talk of a baseball bat. It is not known how many people were involved, but it was a group of people. 

Four were transported to hospital following the incident. 

Borgarholtsskóli is a further education establishment in Grafarvogur. 

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