Spanish charge against Jón Baldvin thrown out

12.01.2021 - 10:18
Mynd með færslu
Prosecutors’ charges against Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, for allegedly groping a woman on the buttocks, through her clothes, at his house in Granada, Spain, in 2018, were thrown out by Reykjavík District Court late last week.

The charges were dismissed on the grounds that the article in Spanish law that the charges were built on needed to be very similar to the comparable article of Icelandic general criminal code on sexual assault. In reality, the court decided, the two countries’ laws are very different and not compatible. 

The Icelandic State does not have the power to prosecute in the case. The prerequisite for charging an Icelandic citizen with sexual harassment overseas under Icelandic law is that the crime must also be punishable in the country it took place in. 

"It is the assessment of the court that the defendant should have the benefit of the doubt on this and that his claims should be taken into consideration and the case rejected by the court,” the ruling states. 

The State was told to pay Jón Baldvin’s defence lawyer his 917,000 krónur fees. 

The State Prosecutor brought the charges last July. The woman reported Jón Baldvin to police in Iceland last March. The request to throw the case out was submitted to the court in November. 

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