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Contagion in shops: concern virus gaining upper hand

26.11.2020 - 12:44
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11 new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed domestically yesterday, but only three were already in quarantine. Þórólfur Guðnason says there is evidence that the coronavirus may be spreading more easily in society again—especially at shopping centres and parties.

The chief epidemiologist said at today’s press briefing that the curve is still going down today and that members of the public are to be thanked for their continued efforts, but he said it is worrying to see so many new cases coming up in people who are not already in quarantine. It is also a red flag that the contact tracing team is having a hard job tracing many of the infections.

One such case is Víðir Reynisson, the civil protection chief at the State police, who was diagnosed with the virus yesterday after having been in quarantine since Monday. He caught the virus from his wife, he has now confirmed, but the source of her infection remains a mystery. 

Þórólfur says large shopping centres appear to be a point of transmission for the disease at the moment, as well as people letting their hair down when socialising—especially last weekend. He said he is also worried that some people ordered to quarantine appear to have not been adhering strictly to the rules. 

Þórólfur has already submitted his recommendations to the health minister for new anti-contagion rules to come into force on 2nd December, but would not discuss them at all at the press briefing. If the pattern of infection in recent days continues, he may decide to submit a new set of recommendations, he explained. “In my mind, we are at a crossroads. There is huge demand for further relaxations to the rules, but at the same time we are seeing signs that the infection may be growing yet again.” 

166 people are in isolation and 446 in quarantine—roughly half more than were in quarantine at the weekend. 45 are in hospital with the virus, including two in intensive care. 

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