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Curfew could become legal in pandemics

24.11.2020 - 12:22
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Eggert Þór Jónsson - RÚV
The health minister of the day would have the ability to impose curfews if deemed strictly necessary for contagion prevention reasons, if a new bill on changes to the infectious diseases act passes Alþingi. The bill also further clarifies the appeals process for quarantine and isolation decisions.

The bill aims to better-define the existing rules on isolation and quarantine, making it clearer what options the authorities have open to them to contain infectious disease outbreaks. The bill calls for curfews to be a last resort in emergency situations.

The bill was submitted to Alþingi yesterday and is the result of recommendations from a work group appointed this autumn by health minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir to help clarify the law on infectious diseases.  

As well as making curfews a legal possibility, the bill also proposes changes that would ensure contagion prevention remains in line with laws on data protection and the processing of personal data. 

Certain international recommendations would also be made law in Iceland under the bill; including a commitment to not charge travellers arriving into the country money for the contagion prevention measures Iceland has in place, except if they directly benefit. 

The bill also sets out to further clarify the roles and responsibilities of the chief epidemiologist and the infectious diseases council. It calls for people diagnosed with infectious diseases to be legally required to adhere to doctors’ orders on treatment and contagion prevention. 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager