Athugið þessi frétt er meira en mánaðargömul.

Six dogs died in house fire

28.10.2020 - 16:29
Hundar sem var bjargað úr eldsvoða
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Four dogs pulled unconscious from a burning house in the Kórahverfi neighbourhood of Kópavogur yesterday are recovering well. Six dogs died in the fire.

"When the animals were rescued unconscious, they were administered oxygen and bag valve masks were used to help them breathe. They were then taken to the animal hospital. Unfortunately six dogs died in the fire," the capital region fire brigade writes in a social media post. "We got the good news today that [the others] are recovering well."

The fire started in the middle of the day yesterday and an investigation by police forensics experts concluded at the scene this morning. Their conclusion was that a lamp started the fire.

As the above photo would appear to indicate, the house was not badly damaged by the fire, but did fill up with smoke. At least some of the ten dogs appear to have been in crates and all fell unconscious due to the fumes. Only four survived, thanks to the efforts of firefighters and vets.

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager