Sizeable protest outside Polish embassy

27.10.2020 - 14:13
Mynd: RÚV / RÚV
A significant crowd gathered outside the Polish embassy in Reykjavík yesterday evening to protest the new court ruling that makes abortion illegal in Poland under almost all circumstances—including severe deformities that mean a foetus will die shortly after birth.

The only allowable abortions in Poland under the new law are if a woman falls pregnant as a result of rape, or if the pregnancy endangers her life.

Dziewuchy ISLANDIA, the Polish women’s association in Iceland, called the protest in support of the thousands out on the streets of Warsaw, and all over the country, doing the same in recent days. 

Yesterday’s protest drew significantly more people than a similar event on Friday evening. Traffic was blocked for a time and there was a brief scuffle with police.  

Last year, 1,110 abortions took place in Poland. 98 percent were cases where the baby was not expected to survive. Under the changed law, those abortions are no longer legal. The head judge ruled that the previous law ran contrary to the constitutional guarantee of the right to life. 

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