Four arrested and fined for ignoring quarantine

28.09.2020 - 14:26
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Bjarni Rúnarsson - RÚV
Four tourists were arrested in central Reykjavík this weekend for breaking quarantine rules. Each has been fined 250,000 krónur and sent back to their country of origin. To make things worse for the offenders, that country is now imposing 14-days' quarantine on all arrivals from Iceland.

Capital region police chief Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson (pictured) would not confirm the men’s nationality, but did say that their home country requires 14 days’ quarantine when people arrive from Iceland at the moment. The only commercial departures from Keflavík yesterday were to Denmark and the UK.  

Ásgeir says that it appears the people knew about the double testing with five days’ quarantine rule in Iceland and never intended to honour it. As a result, their actions were classified as deliberate and fines and expulsion were therefore justified. 

According to RÚV English sources, the four men were British and planned to stay in Iceland just four days—meaning they were never likely to adhere to the quarantine rule. 

Police decided to check on the group and found they were not at the address given upon arrival. After a short search, police found three at a restaurant and the fourth attempting to start fights on Laugavegur. 

Ásgeir says they were all arrested and their case closed with 250,000 krónur fines per person and an escort back to their accommodation. Their flight home was booked for yesterday. 

Ásgeir says there have been several examples of people clearly planning to ignore quarantine requirements—for example when bar owners and restauranteurs report turning people away who arrive with their suitcases in tow. “Of course, like with everything, there is the possibility that rules will be broken.” 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager
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