From jail to gallery but not allowed to stay or leave

28.08.2020 - 13:41
Mynd: Nara Walker / Nara Walker
Nara Walker rose to undesired prominence in Iceland during 2018, when she was sentenced to 18 months in prison for biting off a part of her ex-husband's tongue. She has always claimed it was an act of self-defence, and that she can prove she was the victim of prolonged and very serious domestic abuse. She is currently waiting for a verdict from the European Court of Human Rights.

Nara, who is Australian, has no Icelandic residence permit and no kennitala, but remains stuck in Iceland, in the strange position of neither being allowed to stay in the country, nor to leave it. 

As an artist, Nara says that the stressful and prolonged period of doubt in her life has brought with it the opportunity to meet some new and now-very-close friends, and to spend time on her art and her writing. 

She has recently held an exhibition at Flæði gallery on Vesturgata in Reykjavík. 

RÚV’s Anna Marsibil Clausen met Nara Walker to hear more about her life, her enormous challenges in recent years, and her career as an artist.  

The interview was a segment on the Rás 1 programme Tengivagninn, but Anna has kindly re-edited her report especially for RÚV English. Click play above to listen.

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