Minister clarifies COVID-19 rules

06.08.2020 - 10:09
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Guðmundur Bergkvist - RÚV
Iceland’s health minister, acting on a suggestion from the chief epidemiologist, has decided to amend the advertised coronavirus prevention rules that took effect on 31st July. The clarifications apply to food shops, public transport, and swimming pools.

The national assembly limit of 100 people is updated to allow food shops over 1,000 square metres in size to allow one extra customer in per ten square metres of extra floor space—up to a maximum of 200 people. 

The rule for face masks is updated so that their use is compulsory on public transport for all journeys over 30 minutes. 

The number of permitted guests at spas and swimming pools is also re-clarified and is the same as it was in the late spring/early summer: each spa or pool is restricted to 50 percent of its usual registered capacity. This may be over 100 people at very large pools. 

The updated advertisement says further instructions for pools and gyms will come directly from the chief epidemiologist’s office. 

The final advertised change is that it is not currently possible to grant temporary licences for any event; such as concerts, dances, or bonfires; where people are likely to stay after 23.00. This applies even if alcohol is not to be sold.

As with the main 31st July rules, today’s clarification from health minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir is set to run until 13th August in the first instance.  

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager
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