Two died in road traffic accident this weekend

29.06.2020 - 15:31
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Two died in a collision between a motorcycle and a camper van on Route 1 at Kjalarnes, just north of the capital, yesterday afternoon. Both of the deceased were on the motorbike. The rider of another motorcycle that happened to be nearby lost control as the accident unfolded and fell off and was taken to hospital, injured.

The accident is not believed to have been caused by speeding. The asphalt in the area was newly-laid and remained slippery at the time of the accident. 

The road was closed for three or four hours into yesterday evening and long delays resulted as a temporary diversion proved unable to cope with the volume of traffic. 

Sniglar, the self-proclaimed “Bikers’ Association of the Republic” has called for a silent protest outside the Borgartún headquarters of Vegagerðin (the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration) at 13.00 tomorrow. 

The bikers say in a statement that they have been waiting for improvements to life-threatening sections of road around the country for too long. 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager
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