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Ferðastiklur - Mynd: Ferðastiklur / RÚV

Take a journey to the exotic and unique places in Iceland, such as magnificant waterfalls, powerfull volcano sites, the inner desert of Iceland, bright green valleys, glaciercut fjords, natural hot pools, geysers and black sand beaches.

In Ferðastiklur, Lara Omarsdottir and her father, Omar Ragnarsson, both well know tv persons in Iceland, travel to many of the most astonishing and beautiful sites of Iceland, usually not mentioned in turist guides, tell intresting stories of people and strange creatures such as elves, ghosts and troll and view natural wonders of Iceland. Ferðastiklur should inspire people to travel around the country of fire and ice.

  • Genre: Travel show / Nature
  • Orginal title: Ferðastiklur
  • Year: 2014 and 2015
  • Duriation: 16 episodes x 32 - 44  min
  • Producer: Lára Ómarsdóttir
  • Produced by: RUV
  • Available in HD: Yes
  • Format: 16:9
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