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Ordering audio and video material

You can order audio and video material from the RÚV archive for personal use or for broadcast. The RÚV archive is open weekdays between 13.00 and 16.00 where it is possible to view a database, browse lists and watch or listen to older material. You can schedule a visit by sending an email to [email protected]

The standard order processing time is five working days. Please note that the processing time for older takes is longer, as is also true for large orders. Content is delivered online.

If the content is copyrighted, the copyright holder must provide written permission before the material is delivered.

TV viewing material is processed in low resolution, with time code in-frame. The material is then delivered in full quality when payment has been received and all licences have been cleared. All producers pay a management fee.

Rates Exclusive
of VAT.
Including VAT.
Management fee for each order processed 4.000 kr. 4.960 kr.
Management fee for shorter processing time 8.000 kr. 9.920 kr.
Management fee for copyrighted material (if permission
is granted)
7.500 kr. 9.300 kr.
Technical costs of digitisation; for each master 2.500 kr. 3.100 kr.

Broadcasting; population of less than 1 million
5-year licence period. Quantity Discount*

1.500 kr. per sec. 1.860 kr. per sec.

Broadcasting; population of more than 1 million
5-year licence period. Quantity Discount*

5.000 kr. per sec. 6.200 kr. per sec.
Audio footage (radio and other audio) 50% discount on broadcast rates  

Web and multimedia. 5-year licence.
Quantity Discount *

1.500 kr. per sec. 1.860 kr. per sec.
Low-definition website/social media content. Up to five minutes, maximum five recordings. The same price applies to sponsored content as to advertisements. 30.000 kr. publication fee 37.200 kr. publication fee

Display for 3 months or less in an exhibition or event, (e.g.
museum, conference)

30.000 kr. per master. 37.200 kr. per master.

Long-term display in a closed space, not broadcast or online.

500 kr. per sec. per year

620 kr. per sec. per year

Advertising 1-5 sec: 52,000 kr.
7,500 per sec. after
1-5 sec: 64,480 kr.
9,300 per sec. after
Educational, display in classroom, RÚV production only No display fee, management fee only  
Service charges for special research for producers 7,000 kr. per hour
4 hours minimum
8,560 kr. pr. hour
4 hours minimum


* Discount: 10% one minute; 20% two minutes; 30% 3 minutes; 40% 4 minutes; 50% 5 minutes.

You can pay by credit or debit card in the archive, or by bank transfer. Bank: 0101-26-400800; kt. 600307-0450. Please send a confirmation of payment to [email protected].  All further information on prices and sales of RÚV's material can be obtained by email [email protected].

All rates are subject to change without prior notice.  Last updated 25. May 2021.